The unique ability

to sing both pop and classical styles


With an enrapturing sound that guarantees to send ‘shivers down your spine and make your hair stand on end,’ Saskatchewan born Tiffany Desrosiers brings powerhouse vocals akin to the likes of Celine Dion and Sia.

Her sound is founded in her captivating vocals, incorporating breathtaking high notes and power with complete control. With a brilliant capacity of breathing life into lyrics and melodies, her voice has been described as ‘soft enough to stroke flames but also booming with enough power to light up a city grid.’

When Vancouver pop talent Tiffany Desrosiers dreamt of the accomplishments she has indeed realized today, little did she know a simple misunderstanding would fuel her artistic journey. As fabled writer Oscar Wilde once wrote “punctuality is the thief of time,” a tender 9-year old Desrosiers found herself on the receiving end of her acting teacher’s harsh criticism, merely for missing her cue during a rehearsal for a singing role. After being removed from the role, and fueled with fiery determination to prove the acting coach wrong, Tiffany embarked on her love for music.

After appearing on TV as Shannon McNulty in ‘Millennium,’ mischievous Tina in Disney’s ‘The Ultimate Christmas Present,’ and many TV commercials, Tiffany stepped onto a musical pathway that soon became her focus. Participation in an LA summer vocal camp led to introductions to legendary vocal coach Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand) and then manager Dan Cleary (Natalie Cole).

Tiffany has spent years in the studio recording her own material including her self-titled album in 2009, and her latest EP ‘Fearless’ in 2015, which materialized through the assistance of the highly competitive FACTOR Grant to facilitate in album production and marketing. In collaboration with producer Troy Samson (Kelly Rowland, Victoria Duffield), ‘Fearless’ was born showing Tiffany’s true colours as a courageous artist unafraid to bear her heart and soul to the world. Her songs are saturated with emotion, with every feeling from heartbreak to hope and are structured as narratives influenced by Tiffany’s own experiences. ”Tears for the Rain” and “Til I Get Over You” were follow-up songs, creating a trilogy within the ‘Fearless’ EP.

Tiffany’s single ‘Fearless’ became her personal tour de force, recently winning Finalist accolades in the Dance Category of the 2016 American Songwriting Awards and the Electronic/EDM Category of the 2016/2017 Canadian Songwriting Competition. The single also took home awards in the renowned 2015 Unsigned Only and the 2013 International Songwriting Competition.

Other singles that were acknowledged include ‘Love’s A Losing Game’, a collaboration with songwriters Jesse Weeks and Arun Chaturvedi, which received an Honorary Mention as an Adult Contemporary Finalist in the 2016/2017 Canadian Songwriting Competition and a Best Vocal Performance nod at the 2015 Unsigned Only competition.

The UBC graduate hit the road in Spring 2015, fearlessly touring the nation to promote her EP ‘Fearless’. After meeting music directors from over 40 national radio stations from across Canada, Desrosiers describes the opportunity as something akin to a dream: “It felt like I was able to cross ‘road trip across Canada’ off my bucket list, while exploring cities and provinces I had never seen before and promoting my EP at the same time.”

The Permanent Rain Press article in July 2015 hailed Tiffany’s EP ‘Fearless’ as “insanely catchy – so insanely catchy that even Carly Rae Jepsen would be envious” and added, “the album puts all pop wannabes in their place with its upbeat melodies, head-bopping bass, and irresistible choruses that you just can’t help playing over and over.”

Tiffany’s astounding roster of accolades includes a collection of live performances and tours across major North American cities with the operatic-pop vocal quartet Vivace, special guest performances with 3-time Juno award winning Country Music singer/songwriter Jim Witter in the Spring of 2017 for his Best of 70’s and 80’s Tour, and performances at the 2010 Olympics with Classical Nouveaux and Il Voce. Tiffany also performed A Tribute to Celine Dion (produced by Moon Coin Productions) in the summer of 2017 at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, Elements Casino, the Newport Village Festival and Lonsdale Quay Market’s Canada Day 150 celebration. Tiffany played the famously difficult role of ‘Queen of the Night’ in the Vancouver Academy of Music’s ‘The Magic Flute’, thus demonstrating an incredibly versatile voice that gives her a seamless ease of transitioning from low sultry pop tunes to soprano arias.

Tiffany has shared the stage with David Foster, Mark Masri, Ben Harper, Jackson Browne, and Loverboy, to name a few, performed as a background vocalist on recordings for Rita MacNeil, Mýa and Melanie B (Spice Girls), and she performed with Universal/Decca classical crossover group ‘The Three Graces’.  Upon a seven-week expediter to record and network in Los Angeles in 2009, Tiffany recorded with Ari Levine who eventually became a key founder of the Smeezingtons, production team and songwriters behind names such as Bruno Mars and Adele. Tiffany has accumulated a range of charity fundraising appearances including TEDx Vancouver 2012, 2010 BC Summer Games, Variety Children’s Charity, CTV Canada AM and Global TV Christmas Show, Canuck Place Charity Event “The Gift of Time,” and the opening of the Vancouver Trump Tower in 2014.

Tiffany made her presence known to thousands when she was handpicked to perform the theme song ‘Because We Dream’ (Doug Johnson & Don Wells) at the 2010 BC Summer Games. She was hailed by Loverboy’s Doug Johnson as “a privilege to work with” and “a soulful and highly competent vocalist.”

In 2010, Tiffany released a club version of ‘When I See You Smile,’ the classic 1989 power ballad penned by Diane Warren and originally recorded by Bad English. The single, which was released on Dauman Music Label, reached the top 10 on the UK pop club charts. Remixes of the track were created by an exciting batch of top remixers including the U.K.’s Future Freakz (Akon) and Klubjumpers (L’il Wayne, Michael Bublé).

As music news journalist Si Jia Wen for The Permanent Rain Press writes, Tiffany is set to ‘rejuvenate[s] the label of contemporary music.’ Tiffany’s next single ‘Lust for Love’, a co-write with Troy Samson, and produced by Davey Badiuk (Dragonette, Tegan and Sara, Liam Gallagher of Oasis) and Troy Samson, is set to be released in the Fall 2017.

"Desrosiers surprises listeners with a
courageous rendition of heartbreak
and the perils of love."


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