Fearless (Single)
1. Fearless (Desrosiers, Samson)
2. Tears For The Rain (Desrosiers, Samson)
3. Til I Get Over You (Desrosiers, Samson)
4. Love’s A Losing Game (Desrosiers, Weeks, Chaturvedi)
5. Forever in Heaven (Desrosiers, Young, Jordon-Knox, Orlov-Chubinsky)
6. The World Is Ours (Desrosiers, Samson)

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High (Single)
1. High (Desrosiers, Smith, Anderson)

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Tiffany Desrosiers
1. Alone (Vinci)
2. Like I Would for You (Dexter/McKillip/Irving)
3. The World to Me (Desrosiers/Lock/Ryan)
4. Forever My Love (Dexter/James)
5. What You Do to Me (Desrosiers/Lock/Ryan)
6. Rise Above (Desrosiers/Lock/Ryan)
7. It’s Over Now (Desrosiers/Lock/Ryan)
8. After the Rain (Vinci)
9. With These Tears (feat. Destino) (Dexter)
10. You Don’t Know (Desrosiers/Pickell)
11. Send Me Down an Angel (Vinci/Santis/Trent)
12. Hallelujah (Cohen)

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When I See You Smile EP
1. When I See You Smile (Future Freakz Club Mix)
2. When I See You Smile (Future Freakz Radio Mix)
3. When I See You Smile (Klubjumpers Club Mix)
4. When I See You Smile (Nasty Habits Radio Mix)